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Get to know a few of our student program graduates, who started out their career here at Wix

Gal Levy

Gal Levy – Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Backend developer at Wix App Market

Gal almost didn’t join Wix Enter. With many exams ahead of her, she wasn't sure the timing was right - but her mother convinced her that an opportunity to start gaining real-world work experience is something she shouldn’t pass up. Proving she’s incredibly wise, Gal listened to her mother - and now, after graduating from both Wix Enter and university, she transitioned into a full-time position as a backend developer in our App Market team.

“It’s super challenging combining a computer science degree and Wix Enter - but it was the smartest decision I made for my career. There’s a lot to learn when starting your first job, and at Wix Enter you get to learn and practice things that will help later on in your career: Scala, TDD, microservices, going to production, working with Git, experiments & monitoring, to name a few. As a bonus, I got to do it in a group, with other computer science students - which makes it much more fun! After 2 years at Wix, I can say that growing and curiosity are part of our culture and that Wix does a lot to ensure employees are happy and develop professionally. In short, always listen to your mom :)”

Yair Dana – Enter was Just the Beginning

Backend developer at eCommerce Platform

Before becoming a developer, Yair worked at the Israeli Scouts organization. He always had a passion for technology and at 27, decided to pursue a computer science bachelor’s degree, just to see if he’d enjoy it. He quickly understood that this is the path for him - and during his second year applied to Wix Enter. He started as a fullstack developer on our Funnel team, and is currently a backend developer on the eCommerce Platform team.

“I really liked that no one assumed I already knew everything - our mentors and colleagues taught us everything, from the most basic information to the coolest hacks. It helped me gain confidence. Besides the amazing learning experience, Wix is the best place to work with cutting edge technologies. We’re consistently at the forefront of technology, and it’s a great opportunity to start my career here. In thinking about my post-graduation life, I know that Wix’s structure can help me grow, develop and learn engineering practices in the most effective way - there’s so much to learn here, with different products and challenges to solve at scale.”
Yair Dana
Maria Tzubara

Moria Tzubara – Practice Makes Perfect

Backend developer at Wix Server group

Moria was always eager to start working in the tech industry. Hungry for knowledge and experience, she joined our first-ever Wix Enter program while studying for a computer science degree at Lev Academic Center, and has been a backend developer in our Server guild ever since. A few months ago, she finished her studies - and transitioned into a full time position in our DevEx group.

“I liked that Wix was a software company - it was important for me to join a company that’s advanced. I felt like I discovered a whole new world. It’s not only about writing clean code and taking part in code review, but everything around it: thinking about all the scenarios and covering them all. These are the types of things that you don’t think about when you’re a student in university, but learn only when you start working. This program enabled me to be surrounded by super talented and nice people who are always willing to help out, so I really got to learn from the best.”
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