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Being a student at Wix is only the beginning of a great journey. Get to know a few of our leaders, who started out just like you, at school :)

Gabriel Grinberg

Gabriel Grinberg –Never Stop Learning 

Gabi joined Wix as a student nine years ago, and started as a Portuguese Customer Care Expert. His Passion was technology from the very beginning. Soon, he began looking for ways to automate processes, and kept learning and coding at every free moment. Today, he’s leading the Frontend development group at Wix Answers, with over 20 developers on his team. By the way - many of them came as students too!

“The magic here is that no matter what title you have, and what role you’re doing - if there’s a problem and you come up with a solution - there is literally no one who will stand in your way. I still have that feeling I had when I just joined, that we come to play the best game with the best team, and that’s what makes it fun.”

Adi Marantz –
Always Challenge

Adi joined Wix about 3.5 years ago as a student in our Beer Sheva site. She worked as part of our CRM team and became a full-time Wix employee as soon as she finished her degree in Computer Science. Ten months later, she became a team lead.

“Try and take your time to learn as much as possible in the beginning. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I remember that it was really important for me to take a task and to own it – to take responsibility for it from beginning to end and to ask questions if anything in it didn’t seem right to me”.

Adi Marantz

“At Wix you’re never treated as a student that can do only minor tasks. You’re given real tasks with real responsibility and that’s not something that happens often in other companies. Since Wix is always looking for fast learners and self-starters, it kind of happens naturally”.

- Adi Marantz
Shalev Shalit

Shalev Shalit – A Story of Taking Ownership

Well that was quick :) Shalev started working at Wix just over 3 years ago, and today he’s already the R&D group manager of our entire CRM group. He’s responsible for over 7 products, developed by a team of 40+ engineers. Fun Fact: He’s based in our Beer Sheva office, and so is his dog.

“I’ve been here for 3+ years, and I’m still growing. I’m managing projects of much larger scales, integrating solutions with other things that happen at Wix, to make a greater impact. There are always new challenges, and most importantly: this is a place where I feel I have a very big impact.”

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