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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


Is this an internship or a student job?

This is a paid student job, with a very unique acceleration training before you start working :) This means that you’ll be very quickly placed in one of our development teams and start working on real Wix engineering projects, reaching millions of people. You’ll do all that at a super high scale and continuously push your code to production.


Who can apply?

If you’re a Computer Science or Software Engineering student with at least one more year of studies, you’re more than welcome to apply to our program. It doesn’t matter to us where you study. We care about your coding skills and your ability to learn fast and independently. 


Do I need to pay to participate?

Not a penny. Once you’re accepted to the program, you’re officially on a Wix Student role. The first months of training are paid time for you.


What’s the last date to apply?

We’re closing applications for the program on February 21, 2021.


What are the recruiting steps? Do I need to complete a task?

After the initial application screening, we’ll invite you to an online event, and then send you a home assignment to evaluate your coding skills. The good news is that your score sheet is not crucial, and you can still get in with a great exam. Then, we’ll invite you to technical and HR interviews.


When should I expect the application
process to start?

We’ll send you the home assignment in early March — after you’re done with the exam period, so you can come to it with a clear mind.


When does the program start?

The first class of the program is set to start on April 18, 2021.


How long is the Wix Enter program?

This is a 2.5 month learning program that starts with a 3 week “crash course” of web fundamentals, and continues with around 2 months of more hands-on training within our product development teams. Then, you'll continue in a student position at Wix until you complete your studies. 


When and where will the Wix Enter course take place?

Our first course will happen online, as we’re currently working in remote mode. The first 3 weeks will take place on your own time (up to 22 hours per week), and we’ll offer 2 optional slots of mentorship for you to choose from. After the crash course, you’ll be able to schedule the time that works best for you together with your mentors.


What will I learn?

In the first 3 weeks we'll cover various topics in Frontend, Backend or Mobile fundamentals, according to your assigned guild. After that, you’ll be mentored for about 2 months by our development teams, to get a deeper dive into the Wix Engineering infrastructure and development tools, processes, products, and components.


I applied for a student position in the past and was rejected, can I try again?

If you are a Computer Science or Software Engineering student with more than a year of studying left you can go ahead and apply again. That said - if you were in a process very recently and did not pass, then this might be too soon to show progress in your coding skills.


When will I get answers?

You’ll know if you passed the home assignment up to a week after submission. We'll give the final answers for the entire process (after technical and HR interviews) by the end of March.


What happens after I graduate?

Same as with all our students, you may move to a full-time position. We’ll evaluate your progress and if it works for both sides, you will continue working with your amazing team.


When will the next program begin?

We’re still not 100% sure, but it will probably take place in the coming months. We’ll update here as soon as we know. 


I see other student positions at Wix. What’s the difference between them and the program?

The main difference is that Wix Enter is a dedicated training program that will take place during April 2021, followed by on-the-job training at our product development teams. In other student positions, you can start whenever the job opening is available — and you’ll work directly with the product development team. We recommend that you choose which of these works best for you (no need to apply for both).

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