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Start Your Software
Engineering Career
With Us

The Best Place to Learn Web Development

A Fast Track For
World-Class Challenges

Wix Enter is a new program by Wix for Computer Science students, offering a unique opportunity to start your engineering career. You’ll be working alongside some of the leading engineers in the tech industry.

The course is around 2.5 months long during which you’ll learn web development fundamentals. From its beginning, you’ll be working as a paid student in one of our product development teams. Once the training is over, you’ll continue to work as a student at Wix and get real production tasks of the most interesting engineering challenges we’re solving, and enjoy a fun, collaborative working environment. 

Can I Apply? Is This an Internship
Do I Need to Pay Anything?

What’s in the

Our first class of Wix Enter will open on April 18, 2021, and will take place online in an interactive and supportive environment. Applications are open until February 21, 2021.

In the first 3 weeks we'll cover various topics in Frontend, Backend or Mobile fundamentals, according to your assigned guild. After that, you’ll be mentored for about 2 months by our development teams, to get a deeper dive into the Wix Engineering infrastructure and development tools, processes, products, and components. Then, you’ll start coding for millions of users!

Code With the Best.
Learn From the Best

Wix Engineering is the place to learn how to work at scale, to solve robust challenges, and to create with the highest code quality. We put a great deal of focus on our engineering culture, on continuous learning and personal development. Working at Wix will position you at the center of a fast growing company, where you can work with the best engineers and mentors as one of the team.

Start With Us,
Grow With Us

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